Dressing for the weather

3 thoughts on “Dressing for the weather”

  1. I’m so glad you have found a way to enjoy winter! Here in southern Ohio, our weather fluctuates with abandon, especially in the shoulder seasons so it is hard for some folks to plan or adapt. But, like you, I think fresh air is vital to our well being so I just bundle up and go. I’m a hiker and there’s nothing quite like a cold day on a beautiful trail through the woods. Stay warm and enjoy!

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  2. That running jacket sounds like magic to me! Being from Malaysia where there is no winter, when I was in university in France, I didn’t understand how anyone could go out jogging in winter…and I still don’t. But since I’m not a jogger anyway (at home in Malaysia or elsewhere), I have no regrets about not trying that out, I’m just curious about how other people do it 😛

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