A new writing station

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  1. I’m in a similar situation though technology changes adjustments, phone to tablet, wifi etc, inside or outside….I prefer outside but like today rain changed that. Best wishes on the adventures

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  2. It is really funny how little changes can affect us in unexpected ways. I have really missed your writing. Glad you are back at it again.

    I set up my office in the basement after we moved last summer, which was great, until about mid-November, when I couldn’t stand the cold anymore. I have spent most of the winter working in the living room sitting next to the fire in a rocking chair, which has been really nice. Interestingly enough, I have found that typing on the laptop keyboard seems to hurt my hands less than my “ergonomic” keyboard and trackball I have in my office. As the weather warms up I am slowly transitioning back to the office downstairs, which is currently a complete mess, as I was just piling up papers and stuff there all winter long, with the intention to organize them later once it warms up. I won’t be able to put it off too much longer.

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