Photo credit fancycrave1 on Pixabay  Sugar. Rain. Salt. Syrup. Love. Liquid from a pitcher, tea from leaves steeped in the sun, sweet with sugar melted in warmth. Dribble, splash. Soak-water dumped from the batter bowl. Thick amber tilted from a honey pot, viscous, gleaming like liquid gems. A heart into ink. That’s what I did … Continue reading Pour


My daughter and I spent our Saturday night watching Cupcake Wars. We watched bakers peel waxy paper from half-pound blocks of butter then tumble the heavy slabs into stand mixers with vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and sometimes mascarpone cheese, or sour cream, or cocoa powder. I didn’t understand how the bakers could refrain from reaching … Continue reading Butter

Lemon meringue pie

Each weekend, one person in our family gets what we call a “special day.” With a household of four, all with different favorite foods and preferred activities, there came a point where we could never agree on how to spend our family weekend time. Some wanted to hike while others wanted to bowl, or one person wanted … Continue reading Lemon meringue pie

Coffee Grinders

There was a bakery in St. Paul, or actually Minneapolis, across the street from Lake Calhoun, and the bakery was called Rustica. The bakery portion, where the actual baking took place, abutted the sidewalk and had huge plate glass windows so you could stand outside and watch the breads being moved on wooden paddles, the … Continue reading Coffee Grinders