Photo courtesy of condesign on Pixabay. One of my favorite memories from our lives in Florida is from when the kids were small — our daughter was maybe 3 years-old and our son 5 — and we went strawberry picking. The berries glistened like red candy against emerald leaves in row upon row of raised … Continue reading Strawberries


Photo credit fancycrave1 on Pixabay  Sugar. Rain. Salt. Syrup. Love. Liquid from a pitcher, tea from leaves steeped in the sun, sweet with sugar melted in warmth. Dribble, splash. Soak-water dumped from the batter bowl. Thick amber tilted from a honey pot, viscous, gleaming like liquid gems. A heart into ink. That’s what I did … Continue reading Pour


My daughter and I spent our Saturday night watching Cupcake Wars. We watched bakers peel waxy paper from half-pound blocks of butter then tumble the heavy slabs into stand mixers with vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and sometimes mascarpone cheese, or sour cream, or cocoa powder. I didn’t understand how the bakers could refrain from reaching … Continue reading Butter

Lemon meringue pie

Each weekend, one person in our family gets what we call a “special day.” With a household of four, all with different favorite foods and preferred activities, there came a point where we could never agree on how to spend our family weekend time. Some wanted to hike while others wanted to bowl, or one person wanted … Continue reading Lemon meringue pie