Meat Under my Nails

I’m a black and white person.  I have a hard time being one thing and another, like being stylish and being a housewife.  The two seem diametrically opposed to me.  I’m not sure why.  Two of my closest friends are stay-at-home-moms, and they both have plenty of style.  They always look polished and put together, … Continue reading Meat Under my Nails

A Morning in Sounds

7:45 am – I hear the tink of small plastic parts, of tiny Pony shoe box lids capping tiny Pony shoe boxes.  I hear the kids’ sweet voices as they play, turning less sweet as our daughter’s voice escalates to an ugly “That’s Mine!” that makes me cringe.  I hear the occasional car passing outside … Continue reading A Morning in Sounds

Don’t judge

My resolutions this year aren’t to start a new exercise routine, to eat better, or to lose weight.  I’m not going to run a marathon, or race my bike, or even vow to join the local CSA to get more local veggies in our lives. No, my resolutions this year are less impressive, less hip, … Continue reading Don’t judge