Sunday coffee

You know what I love about Sundays?  I don’t exercise first thing, or make breakfast, or pack lunches.  The first thing I do after peeing and brushing my teeth is to go down to the basement and get my 5-cup coffee pot, stick a filter in, and bring it up to the kitchen.  Because on … Continue reading Sunday coffee

I remember

I remember how pretty the marsh looks in summer, when a storm is coming, and the grass looks neon green against a blackening sky. I remember the Fourth of July in Savannah that year with Brian.  We rode in his Jeep with the top down, drove down to River Street to watch the fireworks.  But … Continue reading I remember

Try not to push

“Ready… GO!”  The blonde, freckled, 30-something coach is barefoot on the pool deck, his chinos rolled above his ankles.  He wears a button down shirt and a dress watch, and his pant legs are wet, despite his precautions. “Ready… GO!” He watches a stopwatch, watches the deck clock, watches his yellow capped, mirror-goggled swimmers race … Continue reading Try not to push