Chaperoning the fourth grade field trip to Jamestown, Virginia

7 thoughts on “Chaperoning the fourth grade field trip to Jamestown, Virginia”

  1. What a wonderful post! I too love chaperoning my kids’ class trips although I have never attended one that took two days.

    However, I have been to Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg – an area which I feel every American should go and visit. I’m one of those people who is moved to tears when listening to the George Washington re-enactor speak. I know to some this sounds corny, but my heart fills up with gratitude for the men and women who started this country through their blood, sweat, and tears whenever I visit the area.

    Loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I totally get it! I was embarrassed by how many times I had to wipe tears on that trip. Visiting those historic sites was powerful – touching banister wood that was butter soft from 250 years of hands sliding up and down it. I loved it.


  2. A wonderful description of the joys and tribulations of being the field trip mom. A few years back, I had the pleasure of going on my twins’ 5th grade field trip to Sutter’s Fort and old Sacramento. Even though they are now in high School, they occasionally remind me of that trip. Rest assured that your son will remember that you shared the experience with him.

    Your photos made me homesick for Williamsburg, where I attended the College. We took our twins there last spring for a campus tour, even though William and Mary is not on their college radar. Williamsburg is a magical place.


    1. Oh, it is! I told my son (who adored Williamsburg), “if you go to college at William and Mary you could live here!” And I went on to daydream about visiting our son in college there, and mentioned it to his teacher as well. She told me, “I know! I’m working on my kids too. We’ve each got two kids – two chances.”

      I’m so happy to hear your twins still remind you of their field trip. What a wonderful life experience to share with your kids.


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