Haiku from November

Violet hills at gloaming – my shoulders shiver bare branches rattle extracting words, plucking butterflies from a stream black crow perches on a bone white branch watching ruffled lichens, like green ravioli, bloom on wet stone a curled leaf hangs from its barren brown twig- a bat, sleeping sun shines through naked trees, wintry patterns … Continue reading Haiku from November

Boy declares Dragon’s Tooth “Best Hike Ever.” Mom agrees.

Yesterday was our eight year old son’s special day*, where he got to pick a meal and a family activity for the day. Knowing his tendency towards lounging all day in PJs, I bribed him. I told him, “If you pick an active family activity, like, I dunno, hiking Dragon’s Tooth, I’ll make cinnamon rolls … Continue reading Boy declares Dragon’s Tooth “Best Hike Ever.” Mom agrees.

Dear Diary,

We signed a lease on a townhouse yesterday.  Our house-sitting gig ends in November, so right around the time we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, and our son’s birthday, and our daughter’s birthday, and right there in the thick of the Christmas season, we will be moving!  Sounds fun, doesn’t it?  But we are thrilled because we … Continue reading Dear Diary,