Let the baking begin

It’s Christmas Eve morning. Brahms plays quietly on the record player, our cat Tubbles rubs her face on my pen, smudging my words, and coffee steams on the end table next to me. The sky is blueing after the black of night. My husband is in the kitchen making dough for a braided cranberry walnut … Continue reading Let the baking begin

No shame in pie

I grew up in my Southern home on pound cake, cheesecake, layer cakes with frosting, chocolate chip cookies and two kinds of pie: pecan and key lime.  We didn’t do fruit pie in our house.* But when I met my husband, and more specifically, ate my first holiday meal with his mom, dad, sister, and … Continue reading No shame in pie

Gobble Cakes

We finally made it to Gobble Cakes!  That’s Blacksburg’s brand new cupcakery, and oh my god, y’all, it was all I could have hoped for.  Cupcakes piled high with piped whipped frostings, elegant personal-sized confections on silver cake plates, ten flavors to choose from, and me standing there for fifteen minutes trying to decide between … Continue reading Gobble Cakes