Feeding the beast

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  1. Nothing finer than homebaked sourdough. I keep a jar of starter in my fridge, feed it about every other month (when I’m not baking bread…the calorie count…no kidding!) I love the dark hootch that forms on top of the sponge, the alcohol byproduct of yeast eating sugar. Drunken bread dough. 🙂


    1. Now that’s my kind of bread dough. My husband hasn’t made a sourdough loaf with his starter yet – I can’t wait till he does. What kind of jar do you keep yours in? We have ours in a bowl with seran wrap right now. My mom had some kind of cool ceramic thing made specifically for housing sourdough starter. If this sticks maybe we’ll get one of those.


  2. Wow a husband who bakes bread. How I wish I had one of those. The overriding food purchase rule in our house has always been ‘Would my grandmother have recognised it as food?’ I was cynically thinking the other day as I shopped in the ‘whole foods’ aisle of my supermarket that in my grandmother’s day there was no need for any such distinction as there was so little processed food available. I love shortcuts and convenience as much as anyone but perhaps ‘food nazis’ will come back in vogue as we realise just how much we”ve sacrificed in taste and nutrition. What’s old is always eventually new again. Perhaps you are a trailblazer Andrea?


  3. Andrea, Carol’s become a really good bread baker. Right now on the counter there’s a loaf of cracked wheat (two thirds gone) and a sourdough boule, both recipes having come from The Bread Baker’s Apprentice (a gift from Kristina). She’s gotten pretty efficient at it and, as you know, it costs a small fraction of store-bought and tastes incredibly better. I hope Brian embraces his new responsibilities and has the patience to accept a few goof ups along the way. And, while I wouldn’t call Carol a food nazi, over the last several years she has become immensely more conscious of avoiding prepared foods as much as possible and focusing on meals made from scratch. I and our family and guests are the blessed beneficiaries! Yum!


  4. I wish I had more time to post! Off i go.

    Good food is so rare to find. I hate frozen goods and prefer making a fresh all-veg. burger, a little olive oil and in the pan or under the grill.

    Enjoyed reading this too. I really believe in the ‘you are what you eat.’ The time it takes to make food can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience and you know what you are putting into your body. In turn, it makes you feel much better.

    I can compare cooking to writing. It has a calming affect on me. I’m not very good at it but with practice comes perfection.

    ps. I do hate washing the dishes afterwards, not so calming unless the water is warm.

    Thank you- I’ve always wanted to bake my own bread. I love bread and need to try and cut down on it!

    Mucho love,

    Andalus x


  5. I agree with you.

    I make our bread, sourdough. It’s cheaper when you don’t have to buy yeast all the time. 🙂

    I keep the culture in a bowl that has a lid but is not airtight, in the refrigerator.


  6. Your family sounds a lot like mine, especially the part about the anniversary dinner splurge. It is a comfort to know that there are other food snobs out there on a budget.
    I attempted to make our own bread after my son (our first) was born a year and a half ago, but I found I couldn’t quite find the time to make the kind of natural sourdough that I truly desire.
    Lucky for us, here in Seattle there are some great bread bakeries, and I can buy naturally fermented sourdough. But it does come with a hefty price tag.
    My husband baking bread is most certainly a pipe dream; but hopefully I will be able to step up to the plate again, perhaps when our children are out of diapers…


  7. Store bought bread does suck! But home-baked bread tastes so good that I’m in danger of eating the whole loaf by myself, at least two slices each of each of the ways you mentioned. So I eat less of the crappy bread and stay 40 pounds overweight instead of 60!


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