Driving practice

At 5:40 this morning, in the dark and drizzle, we pulled away from the curb with my 15 year old daughter at the wheel. I sat in the passenger seat and watched the wet road, saw coppery leaves in a pretty drift under the tree they’d fallen from, undisturbed yet by cars driving over them. … Continue reading Driving practice

Boba run

Our daughter loves bubble tea. If you’ve not had bubble tea, it doesn’t sound appetizing no matter how I describe it, but I’ll try anyway. Bubble tea, or at least the bubble tea we order at our local Ninja Café — Large Classic Kung Fu Milk Tea with Boba — reminds me of Thai iced … Continue reading Boba run

Driving for donuts

We are teaching our son how to drive. And I thought having a baby was stressful! Driving lessons are going slowly. At first, we took him on Sundays to the Corporate Research Center nearby. It’s a large enough multi-building, spread-out office complex that there are a few ways to make large loops that involve getting … Continue reading Driving for donuts


My first car was a convertible: a 1976 robin’s egg blue VW Super Beetle with a white top. I was the first of my friends to turn 16 and get my license, and we drove all around Savannah, Wilmington, and Tybee Island, Georgia in that car, top down, sun and sand. Convertibles are the most … Continue reading Convertible


My car key is a rectangle of black plastic that fits in my palm like a rabbit’s foot, like any car clicker does these days. Only mine has no protruding key. The clicker is compact; I can wrap my whole hand around it, like a talisman. On my clicker, there is a shiny button I … Continue reading Fahrvergnügen