Boba run

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  1. I will be tempted to try that drink if I ever see it offered (and am allowed on the premises). I remember making tapioca pudding. Isn’t tapioca found in supermarkets?

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  2. She should come to Asia for holidays (after Covid’s done and dusted) if she’s a bubble tea fan. Taiwan is like bubble tea Mecca. Even in Singapore, the youngsters are addicted. However, the sugar level can be crazy though, so if she can adjust the sugar level, that would be somewhat healthier. I’m a generation X-er, so I take mine sugarless and without milk. It’s the fun of sucking on the pearls!

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  3. I don’t like boba tea that much, because I don’t like the pearls 😛 I prefer nata de coco (not sure whether that’s common over there?); I find the taste more pleasant.

    In any case, I’m curious about the big fat straws that you found…are they disposable straws? (since you mentioned that you are making boba tea at home to reduce the usage of disposable cups…) I think you should be able to find reusable straws that include a fat straw. I’m in Malaysia where boba tea is common, so when reusable straws became popular, most straw sets come with a thin and a fat one.

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