How haiku saved me from a mid-life crisis

5 thoughts on “How haiku saved me from a mid-life crisis”

  1. Oh glory, I can’t quite express how much this post spoke to me. Really lovely. I was a poet in college (more of an essayist/novelist now, in between laundry and other mommy work) and have loved many poets, dreamed of being them even. About twenty years ago I dreamed that I rose out of the waters as Lucille Clifton, with a golden robe and a golden staff and writing truth all over the world. I didn’t know of Basho though, until I was reading the Magic Treehouse to my son. Reading a book to my son i discovered Basho…crazy, no? After reading your post, I’ll count the money in my billfold and see if I can find him at my favorite used bookstore. Thanks.


    1. I hope you have enough money soon. This little book is such a treat. Thank you so much for letting me know how much this spoke to you. I really appreciate your comment – it was a big post for me. And I would love to read the Magic Treehouse book! Do you know which one it is? We have tons of them that I can look through when we move and unpack.

      I love your blog, by the way 🙂


      1. I think it is Red Dragon at Red Dawn. There are so many engaging books out there for kids now. Between Marcia Williams illustrated books, The Magic Tree House series and Sczieska’s Time Warp Trio my 6 year old son has discovered his love of history.

        And thanks for loving my blog. It’s a new and meaningful endeavor for me.


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