I crave

Right now I crave time. I want to have time to write and think and garden. I crave peace from the guilt I feel when I’m not working round the clock because I want so badly to sit and be alive. I crave the ocean. I want to smell the salt air. I want to … Continue reading I crave


My car key is a rectangle of black plastic that fits in my palm like a rabbit’s foot, like any car clicker does these days. Only mine has no protruding key. The clicker is compact; I can wrap my whole hand around it, like a talisman. On my clicker, there is a shiny button I … Continue reading Fahrvergnügen

I remember

I remember how pretty the marsh looks in summer, when a storm is coming, and the grass looks neon green against a blackening sky. I remember the Fourth of July in Savannah that year with Brian.  We rode in his Jeep with the top down, drove down to River Street to watch the fireworks.  But … Continue reading I remember