Haiku from the road

6 thoughts on “Haiku from the road”

  1. HAHA…Andrea, I say that to myself alot (“I can’t believe I live here”) ……It IS beautiful! MORE OFTEN though, I say to myself “I can’t believe I DIDNT WANT to live here!” …I (WE) resisted moving here for years due to horror stories about traffic and other undesirable things. WHAT a mistake! We love it. Sure, there ARE traffic woes galore but ya gotta look at the positives right? Where else can I have the beautiful green woods and all it’s woodsy creatures in my backyard and STILL be so close to the beach!? We moved here from Albuquerque….dry, dead, no beach, no woods Albuquerque. It wasnt the kind of sand you desire to curl your toes in.
    Have you and the kids gone outside at night with a flashlight yet? I always find the neatest creatures. We have a new resident in our yard. The cutest baby turtle πŸ˜‰


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