Like the Halloween Blizzard of ’91

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  1. Wasn’t “Go Dog Go” adorable? So happy to hear you are enjoying life here in our little town. Here are a few other places to go/things to do with your kids:

    1. Radford Planetarium (on campus). Offers free shows on Saturdays for kids during fall and spring semesters.

    2. Hokie Kid’s Club. It’s $25 for the year and the kids get free tickets to VT sports events, special “Kid’s Club” days at others, autograph sessions, and more.

    3. Covered Bridge in Newport. It’s just cool.

    4. Hiking to the frozen waterfall at the Cascades in the winter.

    5. Shot Tower State Park near Max Meadows.

    6. The Hahn Horticulture Garden at VT offers nature walks and events for kids.

    Enjoy your summer and have fun exploring!!!!


  2. Glad you didnt have any major damages! That was quite a storm!! We lost power for a few days and OH WAS IT HOT! But on the (VERY) bright side, we didnt have any damages either….just messes…lots of debris and tree mess to clean up but you wont hear us complain! SEVERAL of our neighbors right here on our circle had at LEAST one tree down, one lady had TWO huge trees on her roof, a tree right behind our house was split by lightening along with a few others a few houses down. Our neighbor right next to us lost two huge trees….it seems like EVERYONE had a tree down in their yard EXCEPT us. Utility poles were split in two with live wires laying in the middle of the roads….so scary! I immediately went to work nailing quilts, blankets, towels and anything else I could gather to our windows to block out the sun (we have no curtains or blinds on the main level (we like to see the trees) …SPEAKING of seeing trees….WOW! It is VERY unnerving to watch those big oaks sway and bend like that! I can’t describe it any better than you! I heard it “pouring rain” and opened the front door to discover that was NOT rain, it was WIND and LEAVES hitting our house…the sky was lit up like daylight from the lightening. We all went to the basement. Our poor dog and cat were both freaked. Then the power went out….I’m so glad we had a basement to hang out in. It stayed pretty cool down there while the rest of the house reached 98 degrees inside! Soooo….as soon as Lowes restocks their generators, one of them will have OUR name on it! This is the third big storm we’ve had in VA. that put us in need of one. JUST as we were about to throw in the towel and go find a hotel, the power came back. WOOHOO!


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