I quit my job

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  1. Good for you! I think you are making a great choice, and remember, life is long! You’ll have many opportunities if you decide at some point that you’d like a change, but i say enjoy it! I applaud you, and I envy you a bit! I’d love to be a stay-at-home wife (even before kids), just so I could have more time to pursue my interests, get in shape, cook more healthy meals, get our house to a point that it is not an embarrassment so we could have friends over, decorate, read, write lovely posts and poems like you do, get caught up on my long queue of quilt/sewing projects, etc. Of course, we’ve gotten used to life on two incomes, but…well, I’d rather have less money and enjoy life more. Someday!

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  2. “Life is long” – Yes! When I considered re-starting my career now, I realized I’ve only got this one chance with the kids, and when they move out, they’re gone. A career can wait – I’ve got a lot of years left in me 😉


  3. I am glad you found peace. I have a similar history, with trying out a home based business, working part time and etc. But I never found peace staying at home. However much my children thought of me as an awesome mum, I could never reconcile to such an identity. I am happy for you. Choice is important, and finding the right choice for oneself, supreme. 🙂 ❤


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