Precious Gifts: Electronics

2 thoughts on “Precious Gifts: Electronics”

  1. I enjoyed your thoughts on this. I come from a similar no electronics in the car camp mostly since I value (as an adult) all of the things I saw on cross-country road trips with my parents. In reality, it was a lot of what you mention mixed in with a fair amount of “look out the window” and “I can’t believe we have to stop at ANOTHER historical marker.” In fact, I spent a lot of time reading (the low-tech way to tune out). Was that really any different than watching a movie? My jury is still out for road trips but since I rapidly capitulated for plane trips, I may be right behind you.


  2. As a seasoned road tripper, I whole heartedly support peace through electronics! 😉 When we had our van, we’d take out the middle bench seat, the kids would sit in the back bench seat together, dogs in the center where that middle bench seat was, luggage on top of the van and we even wired a computer up with 3 sets of ear buds, a playstation 2 and 3 controllers! The kids watched movies, played games, listened to music and all we heard was their giggles the entire 12 hour trip….or their snores. 🙂


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