Confessions of a former bookseller

8 thoughts on “Confessions of a former bookseller”

  1. For many years I sorted my books by color of spine in the order of ROYGBIV. White book spines with colored lettering first, then black book spines, then books with colored spines. It was fun to see which of my friends realized that my books were sorted that way (very few noticed). To this day, although they are not sorted that way any longer, I still tend to go looking for a particular book based on the color…”It’s yellow. I remember it’s yellow,”


    1. Oh yay — we’re not the only ones! We have our CDs by colour, and I love it. I like to have our books in categories, but I also have a small bookshelf of “Sunday afternoon, pull something special off the shelf and curl up for half an hour” books. A bit of poetry, some essays, letters, slim novels.

      I don’t often get the half hour, but I do like to run my eye over the shelves and catch a glimpse of old, old friends.


  2. I tend to do most of my books by classical( all encompassing in my mind) then shelved by nationality..two shelves of Canadian, two of American, two European, two of Arts etc….one whole bookshelf for cookbooks, healing and gardening…I have only a few very special children’s books on hand(low shelf) for visitors….gave away (to friends, relatives and collegues) my whole picture book collection when I retired! Wish i still had them…but they are being used and that is important.


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