The heft of an old Minolta

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  1. I started with an all manual camera. I often revert to that mode and spend the day taking pictures in all manual. Unfortunately I sometimes forget and go out and take a bunch of pictures only to find them all over or under exposed. Perhaps I cuss because for some reason the camera won’t focus, forgetting i put it in manual focus for a specific shot. Anyway, great post full of memories.

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    1. “only to find them all over or under exposed.” Yes, this seems to happen to me a lot these days when I decided to be a “real” photographer and set everything to manual 🙂


  2. Mine was an old Pentax, and it did teach me a lot. Oh, when I first tried to use the mount on top flash – half the image was cut off. I’m not remembering the lessons of the Pentax too well these days, unfortunately. That’s probably because I’m past 40. Good thoughts.

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  3. I loved this post, thank you for reposting it. I’m only 28 and I still reminisce about the good old days of college photography classes.

    Loading the film in the developing canister using only touch, working in the dark room, then going back into the dark room to make a better print because a section needs to be burned or dodged to get the perfect contrast. I volunteered to be a lab assistant just so I could get a key and spend a ton of hours in there outside of class. I miss it immensely.

    Film really does teach you a lot more about the basics of photography because, as you said, you’re forced to pay more attention. It’s not just taking a picture, but making a picture.

    My first was an old Pentax K1000. I think the fond memories are why I love collecting old film cameras. They serve as a reminder.

    To speak to digital, I’m right there with you. My 2-year-old daughter moves too fast to sit messing with manual settings. These days I stick it in shutter or aperture priority mode and shoot away. That way I can try to fool myself into thinking I’m at least doing half of the manual work. 😉

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