10 thoughts on “Dentures”

  1. Mornings are the best just about anywhere in the world for the reason you describe. And it’s a lovely summertime sort of memory. Great Sun AM read!


  2. No nostalgia for me as my maternal grandfather died before I was born and my paternal grandfather lived abroad and spoke no English. Instead what I got was a short but fascinating insight into a world I could not otherwise visualise, thank you.

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  3. I wish that I can write like you!
    I read each of you story and stuff.
    It’s amazing!
    The blog about Rocks I actually thought about it and yes it occurred to me that stones isn’t that harsh as Rocks.


  4. Your post bought about nostalgia and i liked the way in which you described every detail, I liked the twist in the end which I always do in my stuff. It reminded me of my grandparents. It gives impact. But I also felt you could have added more to it. It ended abruptly.


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