6 thoughts on “Library”

  1. Never thought I would be carrying my own little library in my purse, but going on a year now and still loving the lightness! Also fun to me that no one really knows what I am reading anymore since the covers don’t give me away!


  2. I agree! I do love the portability and space saving storage of my digital library, though I will say that the feel of a book, the smell of the paper and ink, and as you said, the warmth and muffled sound of a library and even the smell of coffee in a quaint bookstore engages more of my senses and brings me a greater reading enjoyment. Even so, I pack my portable library with me everywhere.

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  3. I have a kindle to read on. And because I don’t live in an English speaking country it also saves me a lot of time waiting for the book to be sent from USA to the place I live. However, I still really like how holding a book feels.


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