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  1. I’m with you, Andrea. We’ll have to reclean the woodpile corner after summer winds, but we’ll be ready. When we first bought this house, our first together, twelve years ago, the things that sold us were the polished wooden floors, the windows, and the fireplace. It works great in this 1924-built house. And each fall we have the chimney sweep, who’s a fireman, come look at it, caulk what needs caulking, last year he replaced the vent on the top of the chimney, but then it’s ready and we order wood.

    I’ve heard that eventually, wood/chimney smoke may be outlawed because of pollution and that’s possible, and we’ll comply. But this winter, we’ll enjoy the evenings around the fire, just watching flames and listening to music.

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  2. Sounds lovely, especially living through the dog days of our Oklahoma summer. Everything is dry, brittle and boring brown. Looking forward to the change in seasons! Thank you for sharing your lovely picture of fall:) blessings, denise

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  3. Woodside is the best smell. We moved from a house with an open fire (coal) and a wood burning stove to our present modern no- fire home so I understand how much you must have missed the burning flame thing, Andrea. I loved this atmospheric autumn post. We’re planning another move soon and I’m hoping for fireplace. Autumn is my favourite time of year and after a very poor summer in Scotland, I can’t wait for the new season. Thanks for conjuring up such lovely autumnal thoughts.

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  4. Back in MN, not far from where you used to live, Husby and I are ready for those crisp days and crackling fires. When we were shopping for houses a fireplace was not a must-have, but now that I have one I can’t imagine winters without one. Great post. I want autumn and winter now!

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  5. Hi Andrea,
    Beautiful post…For someone who lives in the the western part of India, it is quite hard to imagine winters when we’d crave for a fireplace. The temperatures where I live fluctuate between 45 degrees in the summers and about 2 degrees in the winters. However, when I read books and the author writes about the fireplace, it does give rise to a warmth in my mind and belly, a warmth I cannot possibly describe in words. Your post did something similar. I love your description of your experience in Virginia when you didn’t have a fireplace of your own but you’d smell the smoke and yearn for one. Congratulations on your new house and hope it brings you lots of joy. 🙂

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