The firewood debacle

15 thoughts on “The firewood debacle”

  1. Heh! We just had a cord dropped off at the cabin and spent the afternoon stacking it. Isn’t stacking such a pleasurable job: the smell of the wood, the physical labor in crisp air?

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  2. Beautiful wood! 😀 We also have an open fire but we are lucky enough to use all the wood from trees we cut down/that fall down surrounding our property in Australia. It is annoying waiting for it to dry out before you can use it, though!

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  3. This story reminds me of life in France. I’ve gotten pretty good at begging and pleading with people to sell you things – and it’s rarely exactly what you want. We still have half of the firewood we finally got delivered 3 years ago…but have never managed to stack it quite that nicely. Bon travail!

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  4. That’s an impressive stack. You are SO making me miss our old fireplace. There’s nothing like a real fire!

    Also, that featured image came out AMAZING!


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