8 thoughts on “Ice”

  1. This piece reminded me of winters spent in the midwest, of seeing icicles shimmer and drip from within the warmth of my kitchen, of magical moonlit nights of snow-shoeing in the woods.


  2. I remember many years ago when an ice storm knocked out the power in many areas of Atlanta for several days. As the temp was below freezing, we put the food in the refrigerator in a cooler and set it outside. We moved into our small apartment kitchen and kept cooking stuff on the gas stove to keep that area warm. I also recall many people going to K-Mart to buy electric blankets. I don’t know how many were returned for being defective.
    The crash of ice falling from trees and the unique crunch of walking through fresh “wet” snow are fond memories. From where I sit right now, that is, haha.

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