Trying not to freak out

9 thoughts on “Trying not to freak out”

  1. I have an idea…how about you come over to Fralin after hours and give a practice talk on campus? I work there, so I can secure our auditorium for you. Seats 100. I’m happy to listen. You know I’m a WordPress fan, and have even considered going to this meeting In Philly (which is my hometown), so I’m already interested. I’m happy to help in the weeks ahead, give feedback, etc, if that would be of use for you! Best, Gloria

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    1. I’d listen, too! And suck up the free knowledge like it was on sale on Black Friday. (Not that I’ll ever, ever participate in Black Friday; but I’d listen to you any day.)


  2. As one who knows the grip of fear at public speaking, I sympathize. My advice: keep practicing but don’t over-rehearse. If it’s memorized it will sound wooden. You are talking about what you know, so let your passion shine through!


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