I want to edit

6 thoughts on “I want to edit”

  1. I only love editing when the writer is good. Recently, I’ve been editing a lot of pieces for terrible writers, which makes it much less fun. How did you get through editing poor writing?


  2. I’m not exactly a “fan” of editing. I tend to go overboard and it kind of bites at my confidence when the words don’t flow like famous novels.



  3. If you miss editing that much, I’d be happy to have you edit my nonfiction book which I’m finishing up as part of NaNonFiWriMo. It’s working title is American Notary Basics: What Every Notary Needs to Know. Wordcount is currently over 50K and I’m still adding articles to it. Deadline to finish the first draft is 11-30-15. Then I will edit it before I send it out for others to proofread. So, are you interested?


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