Roly Polies

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  1. This brought back memories. I don’t remember why, but I knew them as soldier bugs. Probably because of their armor-like coat. My first memory of playing with them is at a rest area out west during a road trip from Florida to California when I was eight. I was fascinated by them and the way they rolled up when disturbed.
    The other bugs I loved to play with were doodle-bugs, the creatures that waited at the bottom of sand craters for ants and other bugs to fall into. I would scoop up the doodle bug and crater in my palm and feel the tickle when the doodle-bug burrowed down and against my hand. I can still feel the tickle.
    Excellent post! 🙂

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  2. And sea urchins! Those were (and still are!) my favorite to touch and watch close around your finger!! 🙂


  3. In NZ the pill-bugs are called slaters or woodlice. We used to play with them all the time as kids. I was always fascinated by their antennae. Interestingly enough, they are crustaceans – even though they are terrestrial.


  4. Although I’m still fairly young, this definitely brought back some nice memories from when I was a much younger girl 🙂


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