Warm winter hike

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  1. Beautiful pictures…indeed the climate change is evident across continents. I live in Bangalore, India and though it doesn’t snow in this part of the country ever, it is supposed to be really cold this time of the year. But this year, it is still warm…even hot in the afternoons. On one hand where it makes you wonder what really is wrong with the world, on the other hand pleasant weather makes you feel grateful for everything. Cheers.


  2. “Stairs and Stream” is my favorite of these. What an enjoyable way to spend the day!

    It’s been unseasonably warm here in North Carolina, too; according to the weather people, it’s going to stay warm until the end of this week. Even then, it’s going to be about ten degrees above normal. Living on the coast, snow is rare; this year, more so.

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  3. What a beautiful set of photos of what likes like a wonderful walk. Ice in these falls would be magical! It’s been too warm in Scotland for snow too…until a few days ago


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