What can I contribute?

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  1. Great post Andrea! These are similar themes to what I’ve been thinking about lately, and this, I think, will help put me on the right track.

    Also I just ordered this book last night on recommendation from the same person who recommended it to you.

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  2. Andrea,

    This is an excellent posting. Relevant, informative.

    When I was in the ad business, we worked hard with clients to not only understand the features of their product or service, but also to translate those features into benefits for their customers. It’s relatively easy to champion features about, say, insulation (“it has an R-30 value, rolls out easy, and fits easily on rafters and under joists”). But the real benefit to the customer is saving on energy costs.

    Doing internal company work is meaningful insofar as it translates into benefits for your customers. Else, why would they pay for whatever you charge? Or, more existentially, why does the company exist if not to provide a product or service of value to society?

    In doing the day-to-day it’s easy to lose sight of the larger picture Drucker reminds us is there, and will always be there.

    The best executives are those who can help their employees translate the features of their work into benefits for their customers.

    Again, thanks for a provocative posting. Really enjoyed.


      1. I just checked out the site. I’m looking for a board app to use with my writing and other projects, and this looks like it could do so without being overwhelming. I bookmarked the site to return to later. Thanks for sharing this!


  3. Great post! So true, it’s easy to get caught up in getting stuff done, but like you said, to what end? Asking “Why” is so important. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


  4. Loving the new look for Butterfly Mind, Andrea–I wondered what was different about your blog. 🙂 Great insights here–“why” is very important. It’s easy to lose focus sometimes, and I find I have to do that as well as a presenter–keeping “why” in mind so that the objectives are met. And writer Jeff Goins also mentions this re. why writers write and blog; he mentions that there is an important message that readers need to read. Thanks for passing along these nuggets of wisdom, as it’ll help all of us to refocus!


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