My office today

The weather is amazing here. I sat outside under the dogwood yesterday to work, and I will again today. Birds fluttered on the branches around me, the tulips shone happy in the sun, and I smelled cut grass and the spicy warmth of tree bark mulch. The tree doesn’t have leaves yet, and it was … Continue reading My office today

Off routine

I almost forgot to write today! One thing I love about my job is that I get to work with people from around the world. This morning, my team, which is spread across Europe and the Americas, joined a video call with a team spread across the Asia-Pacific region of the world. They were having … Continue reading Off routine


Today is our son’s last day of high school. His car is in the shop so we’re down a car, our daughter has an AP exam and swim practice that we need to get her to, and then she wants to go to Target afterward, and he has a haircut after school. A new mint … Continue reading Hectic


I have been going non-stop this week. Work got frantically busy with a bunch of stuff happening all at once, things are breaking or need updating all over our house, the kids have appointments, paperwork needs filled out, the swim team needs our volunteer time, and every waking minute has had something crammed into it. … Continue reading Respite


I leave Thursday morning for my annual Girls’ Weekend. Last week, I ended my workweek with a pile of stuff I wanted to get to but ran out of time for. Now I’ve got a three-day workweek with that pile of leftovers from last week, plus all the work of a new week, and there’s … Continue reading Cramming

I want fries

It’s 5:52 am. I’m up in the bleachers at the cavernous aquatic center, café Americano in a paper cup by my side. The white noise of the kick-splash from the swim team, the echo of the coach’s instructions from the pool deck, and the muffled beat of pop music (much better for afternoon than early … Continue reading I want fries