Summer with Windows open

8 thoughts on “Summer with Windows open”

  1. Beautiful description. Just this morning I was able to sit on our front porch with my coffee enjoying much of the same scenery as you – birds greeting the morning, the soft light of the rising sun, and a faint lawn mower off in the distance. As I get older, mornings like that are quickly becoming my favorite time of day, as long as I’m up before the baby.

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  2. Writing a blog post on the phone is an interesting exercise. I’ve discovered yet again that my Johnny come lately life to living on a phone has limited my writing skills too one finger typing.
    It’s a process. I’ve tried the two thumbs deal and the swiping across keyboard thing which works a little better but hardly error free and has made me realize how many words there are with double letters. LOL.

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  3. Your descriptions provide a great feel of a leisurely Summer Saturday morning held by the “soundtrack of reggae and birdsong”. Delightful 🙂


  4. Love this! I like to freeze pesto to enjoy it during the winter. I often make it with macadamia nuts instead of pine nuts.
    I’ve made strawberry basil lemonade. I love basil lemon chicken.
    My favorite is heirloom tomatoes with basil, fresh mozzarella, and olive oil.
    Sounds like a wonderful summer morning.


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