Sailing (and life) lesson: know where you want to go.

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  1. I agree with Kurt, this is one of your best posts, and that is saying a lot!
    The imagery took me right out on the water with you, and I could feel the tension and anxiety.
    Your reflexive return to familiar, though I’ll-chosen, greenhouse ‘destination,’ also resonated, as did the repetition of necessary steps in order: Where do you want to go? What do you need to do to get there? What are the conditions, and what do you need to pay attention to? This method indeed applies to everything we do in life, from planning a meal to making a career.
    Thank you so much for sharing this important piece of learning!
    I will be visiting this post often, I think.
    Have a great week! 😊

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  2. Interesting how being at the tiller of our narrowboat has its similarities insomuch as taking your time, knowing where you want to go, and thinking about the manoeuver you want to make before you start doing it. I had a terrible day and ended up in tears on our last trip out as I could not co-ordinate all of me to do what had to be done. No sails to worry about obviously, but trying to line up on my blind side was beyond me, and Hubby had to take over, making me feel more than useless. That evening, he made me a little plastic cut out of a boat with a tiller on a pin. We practiced the theory. I felt better, but still unsure, and went for a walk. Next day, a lot all came together. Sounds like Brian is a good teacher. Fascinating piece. I’ll remember it when we see the sail boats on the river here when we’re out. Thank you.

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  3. I’m afraid of water and afraid of sailing too. But it’s on my list of things to do, and over come! I’ve hit that point in my life where I’m steering my boat in the right direction, but the course isn’t always easy or quick. Thanks for the great story!

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  4. I just used a sailing reference in my last post but with a completely different content. Amazing to think that a single theme could bring two thoughts to opposite life ideals. I expect you are young and career driven and I am old (er) and retired with a differing view of life. I’d love to have you read my post! Keep writing, it’s beautiful.

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  5. I love the way your post makes sailing seem like the perfect analogy for life.
    Sometimes, we don’t know where to go; we react immediately to small gusts of wind without looking at our destination. We prefer the comfort of known things rather than venturing out into the unknown even though that might be what we need.

    “Don’t let the wind determine where you go,” Brian said. “You determine where you’re going, then use the wind to get you there.”

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  6. I learned sometime ago that in a powerboat one has to have a specific destination to be motoring to. When sailing I don’t need a destination, only the direction I want to go. If the wind or the currents change, I can change my course to seek a better direction. Sailboats change course slowly and deliberately and that’s OK. Keep sailing. It may be a metaphor but a good one.

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  7. Thank you for this account. It hit all the right chords and gave me a great way to think about my life as it is today. Strangely (?), it also echoed a recent dream I’ve pondered for several weeks. You write with uncommon grace. What a pleasure to find this diamond!
    Gratefully, Elouise

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  8. Andrea, I have just been introduced to blogging, and yours was the first to grab me. Wonderful. This line “You determine where you’re going, then use the wind to get you there.” really touched me. I’m beginning my own blog but don’t yet know enough to even call it up. Your words encourage and help me. Fare Forward, traveler.

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