Where’s my brain?

6 thoughts on “Where’s my brain?”

  1. It happens.. not thinking about all that was going to be worth capturing.. until you got there..

    Ask your colleagues to forward some of those shots. They might see it and capture it as you would have.. but.. you can keep them as memorabilia of the experience…

    Love ❤️ your descriptions though.. I can see it through your eyes

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  2. Beautiful place even if you are brainless… In my quest just as started to enjoy clicking the battery went (I did not charge it but I did get photos). Now I have an incentive to go back to Wolfberg crakcs


  3. I’m right there with you! I was so focused on packing just my backpack that I was not prepared. No camera, one pair of shoes, not even a proper jacket which limited me from the freezing temperatures of the top of the gondola.

    Next year let’s remind each other to pack properly. 😉

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