The roar of spring

3 thoughts on “The roar of spring”

  1. It’s still cold here, and our prepared, but unplanted veg patches are under a few inches of snow. It’s not the snow that’s the problem, but the wind. It has been awful here, up to 60 mph gusts and a constant 34 mph yesterday. Wind chill took the temperature down to minus 19 and I’m cold. Me, miss hotpants with the permanent hot flushes, is cold. Jumper indoors cold. At night, Hubby has extra blankets and one or two hot water bottles on his side of the bed. I have the dog at my feet, and I’m hot. How stupid is that. At least it’s better today as the wind’s dropped. Even got some serious dog walking in.

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  2. Mother Nature is so fickle isn’t she? Our summer has just finished here in Australia and the days are getting shorter. I can feel the cool winds of change. It’ll come for you too. Warm days are ahead I’m sure. 🙂

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