Snow, Boggle, and my new diary

5 thoughts on “Snow, Boggle, and my new diary”

  1. I love your new rule and how great to have your diary. Love Boggle too, your post makes me want to pull it out again and challenge my 17yo son. It’s been too long. Great post.


  2. I used to love playing Boggle, and Upwords.
    We tend open our laptops for emails and news over breakfast, then take the dog out. After that, all the housework is done and we have lunch before opening them again. Our time is interrupted three or four times to take Maggie out for a walk. I like your house rule though. Makes sense and gives you time to do other things. Some days I’ll make cards, others write letters (Uncles and Aunts now, plus boating friends that don’t have email). Its lovely and sunny now, so we shall be going for a drive with the dog, and may even have a cup of tea out.

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  3. I used to write my diary in notebooks but ran into the same thing you did. You said you will probably not search your diary even though you can but I have used that feature many times and it’s wonderful! Sometimes for something simple like remembering what day something happened. But since I write whatever comes to mind, including story ideas it’s great to be able to find that thought easily. Enjoy!

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