My gardening vacation begins today!

3 thoughts on “My gardening vacation begins today!”

  1. I’m not a gardner. But I do love to sit outside and look at nature. I havent got a clue about pruning (just as well, I have nothing to prune) or mulching. But I have a hedge full of birds, that I feed with seeds and bread. My idea of gardening.


  2. I love garden. My daily routine to go to a garden in the morning. I have so many plants at my house. I take care about them. I love them very much. I like your thoughts which you have shared with us. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Andrea, loved this posting.

    Reminded me of Wendell Berry and his poetry of the earth.

    You have what we miss here in Florida: renewal.

    Sometimes early. Sometimes late. Sometimes easy. Sometimes hard.

    But always.

    With an eternal energy.

    Look forward to your progress reports.


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