Getting out of my own way

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  1. Well done for putting ‘it’ out there… I’m sure at least half of us bloggers feel exactly the same- I so respect your courage to publish this post. With a bigger salary you could take writing classes, get a mentor, set aside specific time or go on writers retreats… the new possibilities are now endless, and we are all here rooting for you! 💪🏼

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  2. I want to say how much I have always loved your writing. I already think of you as a writer (primarily). Your day job is something that you are clearly good at, and I can see that you love your job, but it’s your ability to write that keeps me coming back. I’m a little surprised that you doubt yourself, even though I suffer from exactly the same doubts and fears and therefore should be unsurprised.
    I want to write something meaningful that resonates with my audience. I want to write something useful, inspiring and profound, or maybe just good! What this looks like is unclear to me. How do we decide where to focus our attention or even where to begin? I don’t know…
    Thank you for bravely writing about your writing aspirations. You are truly inspiring.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Margaret 🤗. Your comment and the others here show me I did the right thing by sharing this, and I feel the wonderful feeling I described that I wanted to feel through writing. Sharing this has strengthened my resolve.

      Another book I read recently that you might appreciate is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. That book is the book that inspired me to perservere in writing this once my heart started racing with the fear I felt in the car. I couldn’t write it when the thoughts first started coming, so I had to save it until I got home 2 hours later. I had planned to relax and have a martini that night, but instead I skipped the drink so I could have a clear head to write this. That’s something Gilbert advises in her book — when you have an idea, a spark, a goosebump or heart-racing feeling, to tend to it and follow it instead of ignoring it. If we respect our ideas and give them our attention, they’ll keep coming to us. That’s what I’m hoping for :D.


  3. Your post is so well researched, thought out and heartfelt. I have only just discovered your blog and enjoyed your holiday post. I will certainly keep up with you to see how you get on! You can do it! My motto is “All Things are Possible, Only Believe!”

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