Signs of fall

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  1. That is just a stunning picture, Andrea. The going in and out of focus to total focus clarity to blurred almost demure softness with the Celosia-level nuclear colors that radiate. Deep Lavendar and Cadmium Yellow that stems from the Cinnibar and segues into the unfocused back-greens. The image just put me in oil painting mode with the color names like laughing friends around the table. Thanks for the hit. I love it when an image gets me to language into somewhat of an obtuse and esoteric-ish NYT Art Critic poetic I zing words.

    Simple simple, that image i beautiful. The story that feels like it comes from the belly of the earth sounds like a wonderful complement to the image, to the experience. And, then the tarry vaporous creosote (kerosine-ish) smell contrasted with Sedum and Goldenrod and Pines. This post just makes me smile.

    “ But the goldfinches on the echinacea are one of my favorite things about my garden. If summer has to end, seeing them bob on spindly coneflower stems makes it a tiny bit easier to bear. I feel like you and D.H. Lawrence were sitting at a table in a garden, and you were telling him what to write.

    This post chimes right in to strike chords that resonate to cascade out like additional ablution on this sunny day with a strong breeze where with the windows open and a German Shepherd-Wolf mix is blissed out in the airflow napping. Raw and refined power turned cute. Great stuff.

    Just mesmerizes more good into the good. More seamless segues in fluid fluency to your day. Thank you for this post.

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