Currents coil

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  1. I love that you wrote about those coils. When I sold fountain pens in the early 90’s, my favorite part of any week was NOT using the ultrasonic cleaner for technical pens, but the slower and more artful pace of cleaning a fountain pen a client had dropped of for its “oil change.” The coils. I would smile, my mouth would close and eyebrows up. It was joy. I smiled here, and started laughing and smiling some more as… I never wrote about that favorite time. I would have it, and then I would simply steep in it like fountain pen cleaning tea of an experience. So, thank you for writing so lovingly about the coils, Andrea. Much appreciated. Ok, now I’m going to go back up and read it again.

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      1. It really is, and it really does bring so much beauty to the fore. Makes me bring to mind to make a “mess” and continually spill some beauty on a regular basis. The mess that nourishes the world with no need to clean it up. 🙂

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  2. I love your description of the swirls on the lake from the gust quickly approaching the sailboat. I too love to sail, and I enjoy thinking about the wind and it’s strange and curious paths it takes. The evidence it makes on your cheek, or the luff of the sail, or the swirls in the water are all you have to go by to anticipate your next move as you glide along by the force of the wind. Thanks for relating these two ideas together, ink and wind.

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    1. Yes! When we first started sailing, I really struggled with feeling and knowing the wind. Even when it was more than a puff, I had to really concentrate to feel where it was coming from. Now I’m able to pick up more clues than I used to be able to, like the patterns on the water, how big the chop is and what direction the waves are angled, what the trees are doing, how quiet or loud is the clanging of the rigging in the marina when we drive up. I’m definitely still a novice at feeling the wind, but I’m getting better!


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