Hope, at last

4 thoughts on “Hope, at last”

  1. Love those flowers. Make me think of Springtime. Springtime, a time when flowers, trees, bushes, etc… come to life and flourish. A beautiful site.


  2. This is so beautifully written. I didn’t feel so bad about the first lockdown because I couldn’t see why we would run out of food, and the mice weather and spring flowers were what made the situation then more bearable. But this winter… what horror. A horrible third wave of the virus, not knowing how bad it would get, if we ever would get enough vaccines to make a difference for the country.. or even if we and our dear ones would survive. And in addition with darkness, cold, storms. Just awful. It’s still chilly here but the days are longer, I see buds in my garden and I’ve seen daffodils. That gives me joy!

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