Slippers I’ve worn

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  1. I am also a big slipper fan. In Germany, we call then “house shoes”, and most people wear them. That is, except for the other 3 people in my house 🙂

    I have had quite a few different kinds over the years too. I had several pairs of the Land’s End ones, and I agree that the bottoms get a bit sticky over time. I also found that they got a bit smelly, probably from me wearing them without socks. I can’t remember what brand they were, but I had another fleece-lined pair like those with sturdier, kind of plastic soles, which didn’t get stinky, but also were loud. I have had several pairs of Wesenjak slippers, which are wool, and made in Austria. They definitely keep your feet warm, plus are very compatible, so they are great for travel. They don’t take up much room in your suitcase.

    Currently I wear Birkenstocks year round. I like that they give me some good support. I find that if I wear slippers without some sort of support for long periods of time, walking around on my hard tile floors, my back starts to hurt – that is especially the case if I am doing a lot of standing, say while cooking. You’d think that Birkenstocks wouldn’t be that warm, but they usually are good enough for me. Birkenstock does make some lined versions as well, which I have not tried. I have never actually done it, but in theory, you can get Birkenstocks repaired. I just got a new pair this summer, so I might try it this time.

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  2. I like a good pair of slippers too! I usually have a summer pair and a winter pair. My summer pair this year was actually a pair of light plimsolls made in Spain. They have pineapples on them and I like the cheerful print. But they won’t be warm enough for winter so I’ll be slipper shopping soon.

    My sister bought some Mahabi slippers, which look very warm and fit well. The only thing that puts me off is the price tag!


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