Everything is about to change

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  1. Oh dear, that made me teary! I so get it. My son moved out at 18, into a share house with his cousin in my town, but I still rarely saw him… then Covid times struck, so he moved back home. It’s been great to have him back (& sometimes annoying of course), but now he’s moving to Melbourne in a couple of months (2 days drive away), and while I’m excited for his wing-spreading, I also am dreading how much I’ll cry. They have to fly the nest, and we want them to, but oh how the heart breaks to let them go too ❤️ Good luck. Don’t forget a hanky ❤️ G

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  2. That’s a real big change. I definitely feel for you. I hope it’s a bittersweet one.

    As someone who just reconnected with their mom after a long period of disconnection, I want to share a couple of my experiences just in case it helps.

    When I went off to college, I already had a habit of talking to my mom over AOL Instant Messenger while I was in school and she was at work. We kept up that connection all through college until AIM died off and my mom retired, meaning that she was no longer regularly on the computer. Despite the fact that I was off living my new life (or perhaps because of that fact), that connection meant everything to me and it quietly broke my heart when we stopped talking as much.

    Now we talk once a week and that connection has been truly life-changing for me.

    The other thing that I wanted to say is that you will always be needed. The roles will change as you move from being a caregiver to a peer and an advisor, but you are needed. College is hard. Being an adult is hard. And maybe he’ll take some time to figure things out on his own – I sure did as I felt the pressure of “I’m an adult now and I should figure this out.” But there are so many things that I wish I had my mom’s advice on earlier in my adulthood.

    Now, I’m 35 and I just went through some of the hardest experiences of my life. The first person I called when I felt like I was out of options and just didn’t know how I was going to survive was my mom. Despite the fact that we really hadn’t built back our relationship all that well again. She was still the first person that I wanted to reach out to.

    You will always be needed by your children.

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  3. Oh, I can so relate. Our son will be in a similar position in a few months. But we’ll always be their mums even when they’re out on their own. Big hugs to you

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