Bundle for happiness

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  1. I also have an on-again off-again relationship with running. I typically run sans headphones because I’m afraid of zoning out too much and getting hit by a car. I’m also heavily influenced by a meditation teacher that said if you distract yourself while doing something, then you’re not actually living. And that if instead you focus all your attention on it, then you are fully present and therefore fully alive. On the flip side, I listen to music a lot to make things more joyful, and feel very alive while doing so (such as cleaning while singing and dancing). Sorry Badgley, I’m thinking aloud on your blog…

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  2. The only way I can do laundry is if I’m listening to a podcast (usually a murder one). With dishes, I need to listen to music. Sometimes Grant hijacks the music so I end up doing dishes to “It’s Raining Tacos” on repeat, but that’s ok.
    I need to start exercising more frequently, and listening to podcasts is 100% part of the plan!

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      1. Also popular in my house is “Pancake Robot,” “It’s Hailing Tacquitos,” and “Space Unicorn.” We USED to be big into “Baby Yoda” (and it’s still catchy as hell) but it’s been mostly replaced in the rotation with “Pancake Robot” (come and get’em while they’re hot).

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