Being Well

When a friend read my Grass is Green post back in March, he reached out and said I might appreciate Ryan Holiday’s book, The Obstacle is the Way, to help me cope with the pandemic. The small but potent book teaches that what matters is not to avoid adversity. Avoiding adversity is impossible. Instead, what … Continue reading Being Well

I am hooked

I did it. I spoke at WordCamp US. All those rehearsals, all that planning — they paid off. When I got up on stage, I saw my teammates’ faces in the front row and in the way back, and then I looked around the rest of the room, to the faces of all these WordPress … Continue reading I am hooked


I’m reading Stumbling on Happiness for my work as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, and from it I have finally learned the truth about lobotomy. In books and movies, lobotomies are this scary thing that removes all brain function and turns people into vegetables. One of my favorite novels involves lobotomy, but I won’t name … Continue reading Half-full