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  1. I struggle with this too, Andrea. Most recently, I’ve connected with new friends through writing groups. Book clubs have been good, as have connections through volunteer activities. Our local library offers a lot of in-person and virtual events that can connect like-minded people. I’ve heard others mention Meet-up as a place to learn about local group activities—like hikes and trivia nights. I signed up for Meet-up notifications, but haven’t yet tried any of the activities. I think connecting with couples is even harder.

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  2. I wrote such a long comment and WordPress ate it when I signed in. ;_; I’ll try to remember what I wrote.

    Ashe and I have been thinking this a lot since we moved to a different state in April. Here’s the top tips that I have from that exploration:

    1. Become a regular at local farmer’s markets and artist markets. Markets are a great place to meet such a wide diversity of people. Showing up regularly means that you’ll build organic connections with other people who are there regularly, both vendors and other market-goers.
    2. Become a regular at your local library. Befriend the librarians. They love when people engage with them and they have a special place in their heart for techie folks like us. Our local library also has a couple of book clubs and writers’ groups.

    3. Become a regular at a local coffee shop. Become friends with staff and you’ll organically become friends with other regulars.

    4. Take a creative class. Taking a class in something you’re interested in puts you in close proximity with other people who have similar interests. Ashe did a stained glass class in town at a local small business and became friendly with not only other students but the shop owners themselves.

    5. Go meet your neighbors. Bring them baked goods or other food (or whatever). This can be anxiety inducing but it’s so worth it. Even if y’all don’t become friends who hang out a lot, there is an extreme amount of value to building relationships with people who share space with you.

    Making friends as an adult is hard and it’s a longer process than we would like it to be. However, the steps are pretty simple as it boils down to “show up to a place and regularly engage with the people around you” – which is exactly what we do online in spaces like Support Driven where we became friends. I hope these ideas are helpful though.

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