Yesterday afternoon, I closed my laptop on work, went out to the garden to snip rosemary and thyme, and came back in to pull out two saucepans and the sugar. I made a batch of rosemary simple syrup and a batch of thyme simple syrup for two cocktails I want to try with my girlfriends … Continue reading Freedom!


I leave Thursday morning for my annual Girls’ Weekend. Last week, I ended my workweek with a pile of stuff I wanted to get to but ran out of time for. Now I’ve got a three-day workweek with that pile of leftovers from last week, plus all the work of a new week, and there’s … Continue reading Cramming


Until a few years ago, I shopped explicitly for specific needs for the week. We planned out menus, and I went to the supermarket on the weekend to buy everything we needed for our meals. If food wasn’t intended for a designated purpose, it didn’t make the list. This was great for our limited income … Continue reading Pantry