Why is the world so beautiful?

I walked in a soft gray drizzle this morning. Shiny green leaves dripped, and honeysuckle scented the path. As I walked, I listened to Krista Tippet’s On Being interview with Robin Wall Kimmerer. They talked about the intelligence of plants. Kimmerer wrote a gorgeous book, Braiding Sweetgrass, which I read after it arrived unexpectedly in … Continue reading Why is the world so beautiful?


Today is our son’s last day of high school. His car is in the shop so we’re down a car, our daughter has an AP exam and swim practice that we need to get her to, and then she wants to go to Target afterward, and he has a haircut after school. A new mint … Continue reading Hectic

Awe and wonder

Wonder is one of my favorite states of being. Or is it a feeling? Brené Brown includes wonder in her lexicon of what she calls emotions and experiences in her book Atlas of the Heart. In the section on emotions and experiences about things that are beyond us, she includes both wonder and awe. She … Continue reading Awe and wonder

Not a B student

Each year, for our health insurance through my husband’s job, we complete a health assessment: height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol. How much you exercise, how much alcohol you drink, what your self-assessed stress levels are, that sort of thing. My scores are generally in the 90s (out of 100). This year, my score was an … Continue reading Not a B student

This morning

This morning, a little brown bunny hops across the dewy grass. Robins scoot, heads down in the lawn, plucking worms. Birds sing outside our closed windows; it’s too chilly this morning to open them. This morning, Tubbles lays across my arms as I write. She whacks me with her tail and looks at me sideways. … Continue reading This morning

Do nothing day

Today is Mother’s Day. As a mom with a supportive family, I love this day for having the luxury to do no things I don’t want to do. After a being away for nine days, and then rushing around for six to catch up at home and at work, I have looked forward to this … Continue reading Do nothing day