I leave Thursday morning for my annual Girls’ Weekend. Last week, I ended my workweek with a pile of stuff I wanted to get to but ran out of time for. Now I’ve got a three-day workweek with that pile of leftovers from last week, plus all the work of a new week, and there’s … Continue reading Cramming

Favorite books

Our son asked me who my favorite author is. We were talking about music, and who his favorite artists are and why: he’s drawn to powerful lyrics. It turns out, he appreciates words as art. Be still my heart. When he asked who my favorite author is, I groaned like I always do when I’m … Continue reading Favorite books

Off the cuff

It’s 6 o’clock in the morning, and the world outside the open windows is black as ink. I’ve run three times this week, with my first steps beginning later with each run. I don’t want to come across a skunk in the dark. I started a garden journal last winter to help me draw my … Continue reading Off the cuff