Last week I travelled to Denver for a company meetup. I work for Automattic, a completely distributed company, where the last time I saw most of my colleagues was pre-pandemic. These gatherings are invigorating, deep, and meaningful, and I got to see friends and colleagues I haven’t seen in five years. My coworker Steve captured … Continue reading Spirit?

Running in the cold

The time of year has come when I heat my mug with boiling water before I pour my coffee in. My coffee stays warm longer that way. We’ve had fires in the fireplace the last two nights, and I had to add another layer of clothes during the day yesterday to keep from shivering at … Continue reading Running in the cold

Sad, angry, kind

Yesterday was a rough day. I woke to a text from our son, “If any of you are aware that there is a shooter here currently I just wanted to let you know I’m safe.” The next 39 texts were alerts from his school, The University of Virginia. “UVA Alert: UPDATE. 1 SUSPECT IS AT … Continue reading Sad, angry, kind

Bundle for happiness

I considered titling this “Bundle to make things suck less.” It’s a more honest title. I ultimately flipped it, though, to put emphasis on the positive, since that’s the goal with bundling: to have a good experience with something you don’t want to do. I run for exercise. It’s efficient, effective, and super low maintenance. … Continue reading Bundle for happiness