My journal pages this week are filled with thoughts about paradise. My no-thought, gut response to the idea of paradise is a white sand beach surrounded by sparkling turquoise water, where I have no worries and can luxuriate in the warm sun and listen to the sounds of gentle waves swashing on the beach and … Continue reading Paradise

Like a fairy forest

My upper body can’t shovel another crumb of dirt. I tried to clean up the rest of the mulch today and my left shoulder pretty much said, No, No more of that. I put the pitchfork and wheelbarrow away. I’m curious what the gardens look like of people who actually know what they’re doing. There’s … Continue reading Like a fairy forest

Rainy day

I’m sitting in Bollo’s, the coziest coffee shop in Blacksburg. It’s small and cramped, and filled with sounds of clattering crockery, hissing steam, and the barista asking, “Your regular?” to half the people who walk up to the counter. Bollo’s is where writers come to write, students come to study, and friends come to chat … Continue reading Rainy day