Becoming rich

On my smoothie break from writing, I started eggs boiling for the kids to dye. I often forget about eggs once I place the pan on the stove and set it to high. I’ll wander off while waiting for the water to boil, then an hour later realize, “Oh shit! The eggs!” This time, I brought Writing … Continue reading Becoming rich

The hill is mulched!

I ache in every muscle of my body. Even the joints of my fingers are sore. It’s that good kind of soreness, though, the kind that reminds me I did manual labor yesterday. I must have trudged up and down that hill sixty times between mowing, pruning, going back and forth for tools and iced water, … Continue reading The hill is mulched!

A whole lot of nothing

I watched the sun rise while I wrote this morning. “Write about the quality of light shining through your window.” That’s what my exercise was today. I’ve written ten pages per day the past two days in some wild effort to fill my composition book by the end of the month. There was no light … Continue reading A whole lot of nothing