Wind buffets the house. Tree limbs rattle outside the windows, snow swirls in great gusts, and the chimney sounds like a coke bottle when you blow air over its opening. Snow glitters in the porch light before sunrise, and the world outside is bright in the diffuse moonlight. Today’s Bloganuary prompt is “What is a … Continue reading Superpowers

Back to bread

I was restless and excited yesterday in anticipation of the coming storm. We had hot cocoa in the pantry and firewood in the hamper, and I wanted to lean fully into cozy. I wanted to bake, and I wanted to bake bread. Specifically, I wanted to bake oat bread. My first appliance as a grown-up … Continue reading Back to bread

Storm’s coming

The air smells heavy this morning. Temperatures hover around freezing, and the air is clear, but I feel moisture. Earlier this week, I could only poke my nose out the back door to sniff the air; it was too frigid to put any more of my body outside. Today the air is cold but doesn’t … Continue reading Storm’s coming

I can do hard things

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced and overcome was a self-imposed one. In 1999, I rode a bicycle 330 miles through Appalachia in 3.5 days. I raised $1900 for people suffering from AIDS in the Washington D.C. metro area, then joined 1700 other riders to pedal my bike from North Carolina, through Virginia, and … Continue reading I can do hard things