Photography course

A recent work trip to France and then a family trip to Iceland have rekindled my interest in photography. I had gotten bored photographing our garden over and over again — same flowers, same mulch, same butterflies and caterpillars — and I’d gotten in a rut. When we were in Iceland, everything was new (and … Continue reading Photography course


I live in a ridiculously nice place. Our son had friends over last night to watch Hamilton, and my husband and I didn’t want to eat pizza, which we ordered for them, so we got out of the house for dinner. We went to a little restaurant, Gillie’s, in downtown Blacksburg, and sat at a … Continue reading Grateful

Blogging about blogging

Two good friends of mine blogged about blogging this week, and they inspired me to get off my butt and publish again. They made me miss my blog. This space has been my companion for ten years; I published my first post in June of 2012. I haven’t always written on a regular cadence. In … Continue reading Blogging about blogging