Photo courtesy of condesign on Pixabay. One of my favorite memories from our lives in Florida is from when the kids were small — our daughter was maybe 3 years-old and our son 5 — and we went strawberry picking. The berries glistened like red candy against emerald leaves in row upon row of raised … Continue reading Strawberries


Photo credit fancycrave1 on Pixabay¬† Sugar. Rain. Salt. Syrup. Love. Liquid from a pitcher, tea from leaves steeped in the sun, sweet with sugar melted in warmth. Dribble, splash. Soak-water dumped from the batter bowl. Thick amber tilted from a honey pot, viscous, gleaming like liquid gems. A heart into ink. That’s what I did … Continue reading Pour

Studying to sail

The week after Christmas, the four of us are traveling south to visit grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins down in Florida. While we are there, my husband and I are taking a two-day sailing course. To use my favorite new word from my friend Krista Stevens, I’m terricited about the course. Our packets of … Continue reading Studying to sail

The power of self-demand

People in general, and knowledge workers in particular, grow according to the demands they place on themselves… If they demand little of themselves, they will remain stunted. If they demand a good deal of themselves, they will grow to giant stature. — Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive I’m spending the morning under a blanket, transcribing … Continue reading The power of self-demand


On family road trips, I was always captivated by the tall silver cylinders that rose out of the ground to the sky in the endless flats of grain country. They’d often be the only thing on the shimmering landscape; no trees, no buildings taller than a single story, just the these monolithic containers, reaching above … Continue reading Silos