A magical memory

I love this time of year for turning inward. The days are short, the world is holed up and cold; it’s a time to slow down, to be inside, and to reflect. This morning I’m trying to reflect on a magical memory from 2022. When I first starting thinking, I could hardly even remember what … Continue reading A magical memory

Words stick

A fellow blogger, bone&silver, wondered the other day if quick, visual media like Instagram and TikTok have stolen us from WordPress and word-based-blogging. I’ve thought about her post almost every day since I read it two weeks ago. I was struck particularly by her observation not that we are all scrolling and consuming these quick … Continue reading Words stick

All of us home

We picked up our son from college today and brought him back to Blacksburg. He’s home for a week for Thanksgiving. The hamper is filled with firewood, we’ve got tart cherries for pie in the cupboard, and wind whistles over the chimney top while we’re warm and cozy inside. He gets to enjoy cats and … Continue reading All of us home

Tiny interactions

One thing I’ve done a lot less of in the past 8 years of working from home is interact with strangers and acquaintances out in the physical world. In previous jobs, I’d pass people in parking lots or hallways, I’d run errands on the way to and from work, I’d talk, with my voice instead … Continue reading Tiny interactions


Last week I travelled to Denver for a company meetup. I work for Automattic, a completely distributed company, where the last time I saw most of my colleagues was pre-pandemic. These gatherings are invigorating, deep, and meaningful, and I got to see friends and colleagues I haven’t seen in five years. My coworker Steve captured … Continue reading Spirit?

Running in the cold

The time of year has come when I heat my mug with boiling water before I pour my coffee in. My coffee stays warm longer that way. We’ve had fires in the fireplace the last two nights, and I had to add another layer of clothes during the day yesterday to keep from shivering at … Continue reading Running in the cold