Our daughter’s junior prom is this weekend. She’s got her shoes and her jewelry, her photo plans, her date, her hangout plans, her dinner plans. As for her dress… We returned from New York after midnight Sunday night, and I took Monday off of work to do catchup stuff at home, like buy groceries, mow … Continue reading Momming

Not a big deal

After I wrote the other day about trying to cram in exercise, reading, and three different types of writing each morning (journaling, deliberate practice, and blogging), I started turning something that’s supposed to be fun into a Big Deal. My mornings started to feel like the stress of packing a house into boxes to move: … Continue reading Not a big deal

My office today

The weather is amazing here. I sat outside under the dogwood yesterday to work, and I will again today. Birds fluttered on the branches around me, the tulips shone happy in the sun, and I smelled cut grass and the spicy warmth of tree bark mulch. The tree doesn’t have leaves yet, and it was … Continue reading My office today

Book slump

It’s been a while since I’ve read a new-to-me book that sucked me in and gave me everything I wanted. The last book that did that — that made me think and feel, that I could sink my teeth into, that was epic, and the characters were alive and real and I loved them, and … Continue reading Book slump

Cram it all in

I’m back to work today after a week off. I’m also back to writing. The problem now is when to do everything. This is my first workday morning sitting in my new chair with my pouf hassock. The glass panes beside me are black with darkness. I’m waiting for the sun to come up to … Continue reading Cram it all in