The day’s end

I’m back home from the beach. I wish I could write that sentence differently: “I’m back home at the beach.” Maybe one day we’ll migrate seaward from the mountains. For now I’ll just remember how pretty it is to watch the day end when water, sand, and clouds interact with the changing slant of sunlight. Continue reading The day’s end


When I was pregnant, I saw pregnant women everywhere. The world seemed full to bursting with round bellies. In my post-pregnancy life, I seldom see pregnant women anywhere. Likewise, when my husband and I talked recently about how we like a certain kind of car, suddenly I started seeing those cars all around me. There’re … Continue reading Palimpsest


Yesterday afternoon, I closed my laptop on work, went out to the garden to snip rosemary and thyme, and came back in to pull out two saucepans and the sugar. I made a batch of rosemary simple syrup and a batch of thyme simple syrup for two cocktails I want to try with my girlfriends … Continue reading Freedom!

Driving practice

At 5:40 this morning, in the dark and drizzle, we pulled away from the curb with my 15 year old daughter at the wheel. I sat in the passenger seat and watched the wet road, saw coppery leaves in a pretty drift under the tree they’d fallen from, undisturbed yet by cars driving over them. … Continue reading Driving practice