The care and feeding of athletes

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  1. Here’s a yummy, super easy pasta dish I love…chop about 10 Italian plum tomatoes into 1″ cubes (i toss the seeds out). Chop a small to medium onion, chop or crush about 6-8 cloves garlic (I have used up to 10). a cup or two of chopped fresh parsley. cook thin spaghetti or angel hair, drain, set aside. heat about 1/2 cup olive oil in pan (you can add a few tbsp. of butter if you want), cook onions and garlic in oil until tender, add in tomatoes and cook until tender and heated through, about 5 minutes, add parsley, cook 5 minutes. Pour over pasta. Toss in some Parmesan…. yumm…you can add other spices if you like them..oregano, basil….

    this is so quick and easy, especially if you have the chopping done ahead of time. The cooking time is about 15 minutes. You cant really mess this up…add more or less of any of the ingredients as you like.



      1. OOh! Avocado would be REALLY good. I love this recipe because it is SO easy and tastes great even at it’s most basic…you can add so many different things to change it up depending on your tastes and how much time you feel like putting into it. I think I will try your avocado idea! I am a greedy avocado monster and usually eat them before I can get them into my dish….if you love avocado, try this sandwich. It is MY FAVORITE sandwich: I use 12 grain bread, a little mayo (sometimes a little mustard), canadian bacon or any ham you like, turkey, provolone, green or red leaf lettuce, a hefty helping of alfalfa sprouts and a WHOLE ENTIRE avocado. It’s big…and OH SO YUMMY. I have made this sandwich with none of the meats (just the cheese) and it was just as good. Sometimes a tomato is good too but I usually skip it.


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